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Have you ever had something happen to you and the timing or sequence of events seemed too perfect to be written off as simply a coincidence? In short, it seemed miraculous.

In this book, Maxine Madison provides insights into the miracles of Jesus and relates them to our lives now. The themes of each of Jesus’ miracles is examined, and modern-day miracles are shared from her life and the lives of others. In addition, you are invited to record miracles that have happened in your life that also share the same theme as the miracles of Jesus, whether it be a miraculous provision or a miraculous story of redemption. This unique book will provide encouragement when you need to be reminded of God’s miracle-working power. Furthermore, this book will become a personal testimonial that you can pass on to your loved ones to strengthen their faith and remind them that miracles still happen!

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Dr. Maxine Jones Madison

Maxine Madison: Miracles in the Making

Maxine Madison is a minister, writer, and the first Black female to obtain her PhD in chemical engineering from Texas A&M University. A native of Roxie, MS, she earned her undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from Mississippi State University.

With her day job, Maxine has found success in the oil and gas industry working in environmental roles. She is an inventor on five US patents and four Canadian patent applications. She was featured in a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) video to help inspire children to pursue STEM careers.

While passionate about the environment, Maxine has an even greater passion for ministry. She has led a prayer ministry and has been active in the church since she was a child. Her husband David is a minister as well. Maxine loves nature and enjoys spending time at the beach with David and their three sons every chance she gets.

"Tired of looking at the negative side of life? Miracles in the Making is the devotional you need to start your day off right. Dr. Maxine Jones Madison takes the miracles of Jesus juxtaposed with miracles that are happening right now. Sit down and read it all the way through and then, over the next month, reread a chapter a day. Your life will be blessed by this book."
~Dr. Milton S. Magness, D Min, MA Psy, MA(RE), LPC, CSAT
Founder & Ambassador, Hope & Freedom Counseling Services
Maxine Madison: Miracles in the Making


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Maxine Madison: Miracles in the Making
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